Træning denne uge

Dear TCO Members, Players and Parents:

Due to the Danish National Senior Championships at Marienlyst, there will be NO SCHEDULED PROGRAM TRAINING between March 2nd and March 8th. Morning training sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, however, will be conducted AS SCHEDULED.

Unfortunately, it has become necessary to modify our present training schedule in order to better accommodate our players with the part-time coaching team at TCO. I am presently in the process of searching for and recruiting a more qualified and capable replacement to fill the coaching void left by Karolina’s untimely dismissal.

Our Training Program will resume on Monday, March 9th, with a new “broader” training format and completely new schedule in order to allow my involvement and interaction across every playing level of our program. Now that I have seen and interacted with all of our players on the court, I am able to better align the groups given the few critical factors that go into player groupings.

Look for this new schedule in the coming week – hopefully by Thursday.

Private training is also available on a per request basis this week, from 15:00 – 16:00 only. Please contact me directly so that I may schedule you with an available coach.

Bill Eastburn
Head Coach
Tennis Club Odense