delivery of the badges and timetable -welcome to  the   Authorities   :

Introduction to the course – “The figure of the Coach  ” (Castellani)

10-12,30  C  course   :Rules of the Tournaments and working of the ITF  Juniores and Futures circuits (referee of  the  Danish   GPTCA organization  )

14,30-16,00      On the court  ” The professional coaching : training on the
court for an high level junior player -coordination skills”

16,00-16,15   break

16,15-18,15   Mental training  for the high level tennis player : how to practice  the mental skills   (Castellani)


8,30 -10,30   on the court :  drills and exercises  for a professional  tennis player to improve the thecnical strokes and mental skills (Castellani)

10,30-10,45   coffee break

10,45 -12 ,30     Mental Training:  Bioenergetic and self-confidence

14,30 -16,00   Phisical training for the high level tennis player , Planning
for a year’s work(Castellani)

16,00-16,15  break

16,15-17,15    meeting with Danish  professional tennis player Pless   “question and answer round table”  with all the  participant coaches

17,15-18,30   how to practice the concentration on court (castellani)

SUNDAY  11 SEPTEMBER    (day open to all  Danish   coaches also  not participating at  the course)

9-11,15    on the court   :relaxation and  visualization  ;

How to train the best (praxic) ground-stroke (Castellani   )

11,15-11,30    coffee break

11,30- 12,30  intrerval training   and circuit training  on court (Castellani)


14,00-14,45  Course C  –   30 questions -Final test

14,45 -15,15 correction of the test

15,15  Closing ceremony and presentation of the diploma